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Custom Dog Memorial Candle
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Maggie's Light ™ Dog Memorial Candle - 12 oz Red (Big Stick)

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 *Please Note: personalized orders take 7-10 business days in addition to ship time. If you have a rush, please let us know, and we are happy to work with your schedule.

Our dog memorial candles are the perfect gift for anyone going through pet bereavement. Order your custom dog memorial candle scented or unscented for anyone looking to remember or honor the loss of their beloved dog. The perfect condolence gift which can be personalized with name, dates and favorite dog quote.

Each dog memorial candle is hand-poured with all natural soy blend wax with cotton wicks in recyclable glass. Unscented for those with fragrance sensitivities.

The memorial candle’s collar is the perfect place to keep your best friend’s tags for a truly personalized dog memorial that is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite photo. See below ordering notes for custom tags.




  1. To personalize a one-sided tag, select “CUSTOM” and add your pet's name/dates to the "Special Instructions" at checkout.

Two-Sided with Your Own Quote & Pet Name:

  1. If you would like your pet's name/dates on one side but have a special quote of your own you would like engraved, let us know and we can help make it happen.
  2. Just select "CUSTOM" and include your special request in the "Special Instructions" section at checkout.

Two-Sided with Our Quote Option & Pet's Name:

  1. See a quote you do like, still select “CUSTOM"
  2. Note which specific quote and pet's name/dates in the "Special Instructions" section at checkout.


Have questions about custom engravings? Please contact